Children living in rural villages in Zambia are particularly vunerable to waterborne diseases that cause about 1.5 million deaths in the world annually. The wells that you can help us provide save the lives of these children.


The success of The Life-Giving Water Fund is dependent on the willingness of impassioned individuals like yourself who want to contribute their time, efforts, and resources to dramatically improve the lives of children. There is no more precious resource than water. It is so simple to provide wells for villages in Zambia that will prevent life-threatening illnesses, improve education, and enable people to raise their own crops that there are few excuses for inaction. 


We are simply asking for your help to spread the word about how the children in Zambia can benefit from the wells we provide. Much of the information and tools you will need to spread the word are provided in the links included on this page.


You can support our efforts by just taking a few easy actions.


  • Spread the word by sending the e-mail message that we have prepared to your friends and family members.
  • Use the Life-Giving Water Fund presentation linked to this page to discuss this need within your church or organization
  • Organize fund raising efforts to raise enough money to drill a well or contribute a partial well. Examples include walkathons, car washes, etc.
  • Make a donation as a gift to a family member or on behalf of your company or organization during the holidays

These materials are designed to assist you in your efforts to support LGWF! You can right-click and "save target as" to save these to your computer


LGWF Presentation

LGWF Appeal

Sample Elementary School Presentation (PowerPoint - 32MB)

Sample Elementary School Presentation Guide (Word - 28MB)


Lets say this in clear terms - your fundraising to help the LGWF provide wells in rural communities in Zambia will save lives and improve the lives of thousands of people.

Waterborne diseases are a leading cause of death in Zambia. One well will provide water for up to 2,000 people. Imagine, just one well can save the lives of countless children, who now drink dirty, bacteria and microscopic worm laden water. It's also a life-changing opportunity for fundraisers to take on this challenge!

The people of Yardley UMC in Yardley, PA have supported our work since 2002, when they first learned about the need for reliable sources of clean water in Zambia. Every year since, members have made individual donations supporting our work and the church has dedicated a portion of its mission budget to drilling wells to save lives.

Anderson Hills UMC in Cincinnati, OH has contributed funding for fifty-nine wells since 2008. They have used Advent Conspiracy's materials to challenge their members to forego at least one Christmas gift per person and instead donate the money saved to provide clean drinking water in Jesus' name. This past Christmas AHUMC was able to fund ten more wells in 2013.

The Sol Feinstein School in Bucks County, PA educated their students about what children their age, who live in Zambia, have to do every day to help their mothers get enough water for their family members' needs. They learned that if they lived in a rural area of Zambia, they would spend hours each day walking in excess of five miles, carrying up to five gallons of water. Each gallon of water weighs eight pounds! The children of Sol Feinstein, with help from their parents, donated enough to drill a well.

We are truly indebted to the many, many people who have contributed to support our efforts!

If you would like to discover some great fundraising ideas please click the "READ MORE" below this column.